The Severity of Improper Prescriptions

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Medical malpractice is more than just physicians or medical professionals not upholding the standard of care to their patients. There are many ways a patient can get hurt because of a doctor’s medical error. Failing to diagnose a patients’ illness, misdiagnosing it, or even having delayed diagnosis can all account as medical malpractice, especially if the patient’s illness is life-threatening.

Patients who have been through such ordeals can file lawsuits against the doctor and even the hospital for putting their lives in danger. Anyone who has suffered from wrong or delayed diagnosis can go through unnecessary drug prescriptions, surgeries, or treatments. This can put a strain on their already frail health, and put them in more health risks. Not only are they draining on the mental, physical and emotional strength, they can be hard on the budget as well.

Misprescribing and over-prescribing are also part of medical errors, and they can be basis for medical malpractice lawsuits. Most of the mis-precribe and over-prescribe errors are due to doctors misdiagnosing their patients real ailments. Taking drugs or treatments meant for another type of malady can make the patient sicker and expose them to other health complications. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, taking action against such medical errors can help prevent future patients from suffering the same fate, and to get compensation for all the damages that the patients have suffered.

Along the lines of unnecessary drug prescriptions, many patients have sued the makers of Zoloft for the drugs’ ineffectiveness. Pfizer, the manufacturers of the anti-depression drug, have been served a class action lawsuit for allegedly deceiving patients and doctors about its effectiveness against depression while masking potential Zoloft dangers. Arguments state that Zoloft performs no better than a placebo, and are only causing further side effects for patients battling depression.

Even minor medical errors can have a big impact on the lives of patients, which is why it is vital for medical professionals to provide the highest standard of care. Negligence, especially on the medicine world, can be dangerous, because they are the ones that handle the health of their patients. Those who have been negligent should be held accountable for their actions.

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