Factors to Consider when Hiring a Limousine

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So you need to hire a limousine, but you feel a little intimidated by the many types available. In most cases, the limo company will want to know the occasion, how many people, how long, and how far so that they can give you a quote. As the one renting, however, there are other factors you will want to consider when hiring a limousine.

How much can you stand?

Price is always a consideration, but it is always secondary to value. If you just need to get from point A to point B, then get the cheapest reliable limousine you can find and never mind that it is not in the pinkest of conditions. Better yet, just take a cab. But if you are hiring a limo to impress the boss, a girl, or snotty relatives, you will want to go all out and hire one with all the bells and whistles you can afford.

Just make sure, though, that the price for the service contract is all in, meaning that it includes all charges including the gratuity, fuel surcharges, and the like. If they aren’t, find out what else you are expected to pay for up front so you are prepared. It’s also a good way to compare prices, because some services do offer all-in packages that may come out cheaper in the end.

Be Stylish

Let’s face it; you’re hiring a limousine because it looks cool. You don’t hire one because the chauffeur is experienced or the limo service is accredited although these are important considerations too. You hire one to boost your image. If you do decide to go limo, choose one that will prop up the image you want to project. There are all kinds of limos to choose from, ranging from the sleekly going-to-the $5,000-a-plate-benefit elegant to the rocking party wagon, so take your pick.

Don’t be content with what a limo service offers. Insist on getting precisely what you want and in all probability you’ll get it.

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