Continued Effects of the BP Oil Spill

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Three years after the tragedy, the Gulf of Mexico is still not oil-free. After the accident from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig which killed 11 people last 2010, the disaster has been deemed as the United States’ worst oil spill in history and it has affected not only the economy but most importantly the livelihood and wildlife habitat surrounding the Gulf area.

The BP oil spill was estimated to have spilled 4.3 million barrels of oil into the ocean, endangering not only the fragile ocean ecosystem, but also the beaches and livelihood of people that support themselves through fishing around the area. Public health concerns have been on focus for people who may have direct contact with the oil and the chemical dispersants used to help control it. Because of the strength of crude oil and the toxicity of the dispersants, scientists are still monitoring the health of workers and volunteers that have helped clean the oil spill and its direct effect to their health.

The tourism industry, particularly cruise ships, doesn’t seem to be as affected. There are still a lot of cruise ships that go through the Gulf of Mexico, and recently there has been news regarding a well-know cruise ship being stranded in the Gulf because of a fire breaking in the engine room. Although the fire was immediately put out and no one was hurt, these can often give way to cruise ship accidents. Reports of passengers sleeping on deck, lack of proper restrooms and air conditioning, and little food and water can put the passenger’s health at risk. The BP Oil spill may not have a direct effect on the cruise ship, but it still poses a threat to anyone there.

Despite the ongoing cruise ships that still go through the Gulf of Mexico, the oil spill has a huge effect to the people and ecosystem there. The coastal regions may have to endure the trouble for a significant amount of time before it can be back to its old self, and researchers and scientists as still monitoring the long term effects of the oil spill to the people, habitat, and animals living there.

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  1. From what I am reading in the news, it looks like the BP Oil Spill settlement has increased to $9.2 Billion.

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